Minnesota Football: Jerry Kill Back at the Bank to Open the 2022 Season? – To the world

There are at least two more games left in the 2021 season for the Minnesota Gophers soccer team, but some news broke Tuesday morning that suddenly caused at least many members of the Twin Cities media to look much further into the start of the 2022 season.

Football Scoop broke news Tuesday morning that Doug Martin is not expected to return as New Mexico state head coach for the next season. You wonder, of course, why we would care. So…. for this reason:

The New Mexico State AD is now Mario Moccia, who previously served as the AD for Southern Illinois while Kill was the head coach there. Kill is currently head coach at the interns TCU after his best friend Gary Patterson resigned earlier in the season.

Again … on the surface, most people would say, ok, good for Jerry. Hopefully his health is in check and he won’t harm himself by training full time again. Then check out the New Mexico state soccer schedule for 2022:

They open at home in a week 0 game against Nevada and then five days later they play at … .. say what i think?

Yes, the second game of the season in the state of New Mexico will again kick off Thursday night at Huntington Bank Stadium … the Minnesota Golden Gophers. Whoooo boy. Enjoy this trip to Madison two weeks later, Jerry … no bad memories in this stadium, I’m sure …

Well, of course, if you remember Jerry wasn’t exactly happy with the U when he left, and especially after Tracy Claeys was in favor of…. PJ Fleck was released. Thanks to Ryan Burns for the reminder:

It’s literally the Twin Cities media’s wet dream. And it will make next September 1st one of the more interesting home games outside of conference here in a while. Unfortunately, it will likely be on BTN, not Aggie Vision, but we can’t all win.


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