Lidl Ireland welcomes successful test of the bottle deposit return system – Nach Welt

Lidl Ireland is delighted with the success of its bottle and deposit returns at the Glenageary retail outlet.

Launched 11 weeks ago, the program is the first in Ireland to aim to attract customers to the recycling of plastic and aluminum waste.

According to information from Lidl Ireland, its reverse vending machine has so far collected more than 64,000 plastic bottles and aluminum cans from customers and paid out more than 6,400 euros in vouchers.

The retailer said an attempt at its Glenageary store was successful to collect double what is being collected by some of the retailer’s European counterparts.

For each unit inserted in the machine, the customer receives a voucher in the amount of € 0.10 with a maximum voucher limit of € 2.

The special machine used by Lidl Ireland can collect and process up to 17,000 units per week.

Speaking of the program, JP Scally, CEO of Lidl Ireland and Northern Ireland said the company has been overwhelmed with customer engagement for the program.

“Sustainability is at the core of our business, and while we were delighted to be the first to introduce this industry-leading approach to a deposit return system, we are overwhelmed by the involvement of our customers.

“We have already made significant progress towards our own goals of saving a total of 20 percent plastic in our own-brand packaging by 2022 by replacing all single-use plastic items such as drinking straws, single-use cups, glasses and plates with non-plastic alternatives.

“We have also removed all plastic microspheres from our own branded cosmetic and household cleaning products.

“By the end of this year we have committed to eliminating all non-recyclable black plastics from our private label products.”

It is expected that

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