I’m a Star 2021 – Adam Woodyatt of EastEnders and Simon Gregson of Coronation Street FINALLY enter camp

EASTENDERS stars Adam Woodyatt and Simon Gregson from Coronation Street are finally making their first appearance on I’m A Celebrity.

The two soap star legends will meet the rest of the celebs during tomorrow’s show.

Fans of the ITV program are overjoyed that they will finally go to camp.

It comes after viewers are disappointed with how Naughty Boy reacted to the main camp tonight, right before Richard Madeley took over the final trial.

Last night, the 36-year-old music producer threatened to quit the ITV show after they selected him to stand in the trial of Snoochie Shy.

He snapped at the rest of his camp mates at The Clink, stating that he thought they picked him because he was the “weakest link”.

Naughty Boy told Arlene Phillips, Richard Madeley, Danny Miller and David Ginola that he couldn’t have integrated into the camp with them and wanted to leave.

But he slept on it and felt much better about the situation.

When he later faced the rest of the celebs, he brushed off his feelings.

Moments later, Richard took on the latest challenge and only managed to get four stars.

I’m A Celebrity has been rocked by allegations of providing stars with hot water, cigarettes and heating, despite portraying them living in “grueling” living conditions.

The revelations come after producers promised this year’s series in North Wales would be the “toughest” star yet.

But to the disappointment of I’m A Celeb fans, it turns out that the spoiled stars have a heated portakabin in which they can wait while they prepare for the exams and are supplied with packets of cigarettes.

Manufacturers said the VIPs have to manually pump a device to a certain pressure in order for the boiler to work. In reality, it can be turned on with the push of a button.

And it turns out a source also said, “You are allowed to have a few cigarettes … there is a pretty good supply,” even “Naughty Boy smoked too”.

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  • Simon Gregson

    The soap star looks forward to showing the audience who he really is.

    He said, “I’m a normal family man and I don’t live in a celebrity bubble.”

    The Steve McDonald actor thinks he will take on the role of entertainer and cook at camp.

  • Would you like to learn more about why you chose to participate?

    Check out the next posts!

  • What will the Corrie star miss the most?

    The actor stated, “I will miss Emma and the children the most.

    “We haven’t been in contact for the past few days and Emma and I talk to each other every 10 minutes, even when we’re not together. It’s going to be really tough. “

    He added, “I think I’ll miss the pub.”

  • continuation

    Commenting on the challenges he faced, Simon said, “I just hope there isn’t too much physical activity. I used to be very fit, now I’m just very fat.

    “Hopefully I’ll bring something to the table, you never know.”

  • Corrie star Simon Gregson described I’m A Celebrity as his weight loss camp.

    Speaking to The Sun from Isolation before joining I’m A Celeb, Simon said, “It’s a bit difficult because the food is obviously not that great – rice and beans all the time.

    “But for me it’s a bonus. I really need to lose weight, so I see it as the worst boot camp in the world. “

  • Fans are overjoyed with the news

    One wrote on Twitter: “YES, Steve McDonald and Ian Beale.”

    A second said: “Finally !! I’m looking forward to this process !! I already am. “

    A third added, “Yay Ian Beale is in the house!”

  • Adam Woodyatt and Simon Gregson have finally made their first appearances!


  • The celebs got their meal for the night!

    They eat squirrels … And David has admitted that he loves to feed them in his local park. Oh!

  • Despite his disappointment in himself, the camps are so proud!

    You really are a happy family aren’t you!

  • Richard managed to get four stars …

    “It’s better than nothing,” he told Ant and Dec.

  • “I can’t take it back!”

    Richard is struggling to untie a knot that one of the stars is tied …

    Another star has just fallen …

  • “The team will be so disappointed”

    He was just trying to find a few stars in puddles of rotten fruit, but he couldn’t find any.

    He’s now looking through disgusting fish intestines … ew.

    He’s only managed to get three so far.

    Arm Richard!


    He just put his hand in a box with rats, then put it back in a box with toads and didn’t find a star.

    Richard just got a star in a box of cockroaches! Woo!

    And he just got another one! Two stars so far …

  • There is no trial vote tonight as all 10 celebrities will take part in the next trial!

    I wonder what it will be!

  • Fans have high hopes for Richard

    One wrote on Twitter: “Bets on 10-star Madeley are on”

    A second said, “Prediction: Richard will get 8/10 stars.”

    “I think @ richardm56 will get at least 8 stars, maybe even 10,” agreed a third.

  • Nightmares in the castle kitchen!

    Richard has to find the stars that are placed in random locations in each room …

    How do you think he will do?

  • It’s time for Richard to take over the process!

    The camp comrades are certain that he will bring the goods home.

  • You left with 62 percent …

    And it was wrong! No!

  • You have to answer the question correctly

    According to a recent poll, what percentage of Britons said they push to shower while washing?

    A) 44 percent

    B) 62 percent

  • It’s Kiosk Cledwyn time!

    They successfully got everything they needed and asked for mini scotch eggs.

    Will the camp answer the question correctly?

  • Danny and Louise are currently doing the challenge together

    They look hilarious disguised as farmers!

    Love the look guys!

  • Fans beg for more drama

    After last night’s episode, viewers expected Naughty Boy to confront main camp over their decision to put him on trial, but they are a happy little family now!

    A fan wrote on Twitter: “Where is the DRAMA, I was expecting an argument.”

    A second said, “Sat here waiting for a drama, but everyone gets along.”

  • David told Frankie, Matty, and Snoochie some truths

    He said, “We started to hate you because we missed everything.

    “Arlene felt humiliated yesterday …”

  • 5 * treatment at Gwrych Castle

    “I love it, it’s like I’m in the Dorchester!”

    Haha naughty boy!

  • “Thank God for a new day!”

    Naughty Boy is happy that they have all become a “real family” now

    Oh guys!


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