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Gopuff contractors strike for better wages and treatment – archyde

Gopuff delivery drivers went on strike across the country on Tuesday, demanding better wages and treatment.

The delivery service started right here in Philadelphia eight years ago. They call their employees partners and state that they are in the upper range for the average income of delivery service drivers. In addition, they listen to the concerns of the employees – but the protesters still have the feeling that they are not being heard.

“No drivers, no GoPuff, we’ll deliver your things,” they yelled from outside the Philly GoPuff headquarters.

Ron Moody, an organizer and GoPuff driver, said at his warehouse that they get $ 2.75 per bag delivered, not counting tips and other wages.

“One of my bags was 8.4 miles away,” said Moody. “20 minutes each way because of the traffic. When I got back to the warehouse, my car costs about 29 cents a mile just for the gasoline. If you subtract the gas from that $ 2.75 commission, I made 46 cents. ”

Barbara Evans said she had been a contractor for Gopuff for nearly four years.

She read the letter of claim that they signed and sent to management.

“GoPuff drivers are asking for better pay,” said Evans. “We need the hourly allowance of at least $ 20 plus the cost of our kilometers during working hours at the IRS rate.”

They also called for flexible access to shifts and guaranteed minimum hours for all drivers and the ability to freely cancel planned shifts.

“We need a clear explanation of the reason for the termination. No termination without a special reason and an objection procedure by third parties. “

A Gopuff spokesperson sent FOX 29 the following statement: “Gopuff delivery partners average $ 18-25 an hour, which is among the highest in the industry. Nearly 70% of delivery partners deliver less than 20 hours a week. For those looking for a guaranteed salary and schedule, Gopuff offers full and part time employment with benefits in every market we operate. ”

The Gopuff spokesperson added that they are listening to the feedback and planning and have already made some changes. These include partnering with Stride Health to give drivers access to health care and other partnerships to offer discounts on fuel, phone and car maintenance.



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