Christina Applegate (50): “I’ve lost so much in my life” – Nach Welt

Health challenges are not new to Applegate. In 2008 she had breast cancer and had a mastectomy.

SUPPLIER: How did you get through the last 18 months?

Christina Applegate: Not good. I have a 9 year old daughter. And teaching them at home is how to pull teeth. I didn’t get anywhere because I had to keep looking at her. I was hoping for routine and discipline. Lists written and plans made. I’ve read posts from people who took photos of beautiful flowers on their walks. I wasn’t even able to see flowers. I was just busy keeping my calm. We all do our best, and we often fail at it. But if we learn from our mistakes, then that is already a gain. Not every day is perfect and full of happiness.

What if your daughter Sadie wants to become an actress? Then what do you tell her?

I am afraid she will want to. But my iron rule is not before 18. I want her to have a real childhood, that she doesn’t have to learn to deal with rejection too early because that’s what this job is all about. You hear a no 100 times more often than a yes. And I don’t want that for her. She should have the childhood I never had.

You are a single mother. Is that stressful too?

Being a mother is not easy, whether you are single or not. Because your entire identity is woven into this little person. You’re always afraid of doing something wrong. In addition, we feel judged all the time. This is new to me because I was lucky enough to grow up in Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles, a hippie area back then. All of the mothers were single and all of them struggled to survive. Nobody had any money. But everyone stuck together. There wasn’t this stupid competition to see who was the best. We children had many mothers. It was a different time. My childhood is the reason why I still feel most comfortable in the company of women to this day. And what I like best are the artists of life, the somewhat broken women who somehow manage to make it anyway. Because I am one of them.

You started working early and became famous for “A Terribly Nice Family” …

Yes, I still get royalties for that today. About $ 2.50. A huge help (laughs).

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