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Baltic parliament and Poland spokespersons condemn “illegal Lukashenko regime” / article – archyde


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“We, the Presidents of the Chamber of Deputies of the Republic of Poland, the Riigikogu of the Republic of Estonia, the Sejm of the Republic of Lithuania and the Saeima of the Republic of Latvia, declare the illegal aggression of the Lukashenko regime to be an unprecedented level, vulnerable life.

is a violation of international law and political obligations and a violation of fundamental human rights;

Strongly condemns the continued use of artificial illegal immigration by the Belarusian regime in its mixed political operations against Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and the European Union;

Urging the international community, in particular countries of transit and origin, to firmly oppose these measures and to take the necessary measures to prevent the Belarusian authorities from forcing migrants to illegally cross EU borders and the Belarusian regime to act Court. ;

Condemn the actions of the illegal Lukashenko regime, which prevented neighboring countries from providing humanitarian aid to migrants gathered and detained by the Lukashenko regime in border areas;

Call for immediate implementation of the new sanctions agreed at the meeting of foreign ministers of the member states of the European Union against natural and legal persons who participate in the efforts of the Lukashenko regime to facilitate and facilitate illegal transit abroad. Borders of the union. The exploitation of migrants for political purposes is unacceptable. If the EU continues, in line with its progressive approach, it should consider further restrictive measures against the Belarusian regime;

He stressed that the responsibility for normalizing the situation at the border rests directly with the illegitimate regime of Alexander Lukashenko, while the European Union and its member states must continue to be guided by the joint decisions and policies of the European Council and the Foreign Affairs Council . ;

strongly believes that there is an urgent need to adapt EU legislation to the new reality in order to ensure strong protection of the EU’s external borders and effective measures to prevent illegal border crossings. We are therefore looking forward to the proposals of the European Commission to adapt the EU legal framework with concrete measures and sufficient financial support in order to improve border security and thus strengthen the EU’s external borders.

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