After the war: Jewish fates transnational –

How was life shaped for those Jews who had escaped the horrors of persecution and extermination under the National Socialists? Using films, interviews, photos, private items and documents, the exhibition tells the story of “Our courage. Jews in Europe 1945–48 ”from many touching individual fates. It can be seen in the Jewish Museum until January 18, 2022.

The show, created in cooperation with the Leibniz Institute for Jewish History and Culture – Simon Dubnow in Leipzig, approaches the topic from a transnational perspective and shows how different living conditions were for Jews during this time. Seven places are examined more closely: the German cities of Frankfurt am Main and East Berlin, Białystok, the “dead city” in Poland, where of 100,000 Jews only 1,000 survived, the important Italian transit city Bari, the place of refuge in Amsterdam, the Lower Silesian community Dzierżoniów , which became a place of Jewish hope in Poland for a few years after 1945, and finally Budapest, where the Red Army was able to stop most of the deportations in good time. The magazine “Our Courage”, which gives the show its title, was created in Frankfurt-Zeilsheim. Intensive insights into life in the camps for displaced persons are also offered.

More information about the exhibition in Frankfurt am Main

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