What was Freddie Mercury doing that day 30 years ago? The cruel truth has come to light! – To world

An incredible 30 years will pass this week since Freddie Mercury passed away, while two of his colleagues are still performing under the Queen’s banner. What happened today, but in 1991?

On November 22nd, Mercury decided to tell people the hard truth, which until then had been a public secret. One of the most charismatic singers suffered from an incurable disease, namely AIDS.

Fans found out a day later, but as his valet Peter Freestone confirmed, the rock musician sent the statement to the media thirty years ago today.

Mercury had known about the pessimistic diagnosis since spring 1987, most recently at a public event three years later. Queen was last on tour in 1986.

The band’s fans had a bad feeling that something was wrong. However, the media, particularly the daily newspaper The Sun, dared to claim that the singer did not become seriously ill until November 1990, a year before his death.


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