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Q. My brother and I are both in our 70s, divorced, have no children. We live independently of each other. We will rent a locker to keep the original copies of our wills. We plan to hand over copies of the wills to appropriate persons. How is the will proven when we die? We assume that anyone we have named executors will contact an attorney for legal action. Is that correct or are there any additional steps we should take?

A. If one of you dies, the other has access to the safe to retrieve the deceased’s will. Presumably you have appointed each other executors, so whoever survives the other will have to hire a lawyer to review the will in court.

After the death of the second of you, the executor must do the same.

You should both consider designating one or more people who will have access to the box. If the two of you die or become incapacitated together, this is a great way for the other person (or people) to get into the box to access the will and whatever else is stored there. Of course, you need to name people whom you both trust completely.

Q. My husband and I both have wills. Would a discount be required in the event of one of our deaths? He has two sons, but I have everything except for a few things that are meant for them. I want to avoid a discount.

A. If you own property that is under your will, an estate is required.

To avoid an inheritance, you would need to set up a revocable trust or sign a transfer on the death certificate. What you want to do depends on the assets you both own.

A lawyer can explain your options to you.

Q. My wife died a few months ago. She had a will that bequeathed all of her property to me. All of our investments went direct to me, with the exception of our home. What is the easiest way to transfer this property to my name?


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