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Daile Theater will be the annual “Night the player“Richard Vorobjov, a representative of the Latvian Theater Workers Union (LTDS), informed about the award ceremony.

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This year the composer receives the “Players’ Night” award of the theater industry for his life’s work Imants Kalninswho has written music for more than 58 performances in almost all Latvian theaters.

This year the procedure for nominating the “Players’ Night” awards was fundamentally changed, as the theaters were closed to spectators in an emergency. The LTDS board of directors has decided to award each theater the nomination of four new productions of the season that will take part in the “Players’ Night” competition.

Last season’s “Players’ Night” performances and events at the Daile Theater are directed by “Gata Šmita”, “Smiļģis” by Viesturs Kairītis, “Degunradži” by Ildiko Gāšpārs and “Zemdega” by Dmitrija Petrenko.

Daugavpils Theater has staged the production of “Samsons Reise” by Endīne Bērziņš, “Animal Farm” by Viesturs Roziņš, “Kaija-1” and “Kaija-2” by Oleg Shaposhnikov.

“Dirty Deal Teatro” staged the production “Listen” directed by Valters Sīlis, the production “Walk through the Arcade of Triumph”, the author of the idea is Reinis Suhanovs and co-author is Līga Zepa, “Triptych: Jack der Sagittarius, bowling “Conclave” directed by Kristaps Košin.

The Ģertrūdes street theater has staged the production “Lost Songs” directed by Andrejs Jarovojs, “You Have Burned Ears” directed by Liena Šmukste and the play “Krēsls” directed by Jarovoja.

The New Riga Theater, on the other hand, has staged a production of “Chrysanthemums” directed by Gatas Šmits, “Kāvas aante kūsū” by Uldis Tīrons and “Dublinians on Miera Street” by Pēteris Krilovs.

The theater group “Kvadrifrons” staged the production “Suffering Round” under the direction of Klāvs Melļs, “Nēmiz Kumpel!” and “B_Ž_S” directed by Rhein Botter.

The Latvian Puppet Theater, for its part, has the production “Aunt of Dill” directed by Edgar Kaufeld, “Death in the Shadow” directed by Rūdolfs Apse, “Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table” directed by Edgar Niklason and the production “ Kiosk ”directed by Vija Blūma.

The Latvian National Theater staged the production “Dream of a Summer Night” directed by Elmars Senkovs, the production “Riests” directed by Sīļa and the production “Born Yesterday” directed by Ināra Sluckas.

The Liepāja theater staged the productions “Malыš” and “1,000,000 good things” by Dmitrij Petrenko, “Demons” by Viesturs Meikšāns and the production “Upe” by Kristīne Brīniņa.

Mikhail Chekhov’s Riga Russian Theater staged the productions “Event in Vichy City” and “Bridge Riga-Hollywood” directed by Sergei Golomazov, “Mom” directed by Sluck and “paraDIZZY” directed by Inga Krasovska .

The Rezekne Theater “Joriks” staged the productions “Seagull” and “My Neighbor’s Jude” directed by Mārtiņš Eihes and the production “Nothing” directed by Jānis Znotins.

The Valmiera Drama Theater directed the production “Family” directed by Reinis Suhanovs, “Long Tram” directed by Freibergs, the production “Next Spring” directed by Tomas Treins and “Good People” directed by Inese Mičule.

Vorobjovs noted that in addition to these nominated performances, the jury also assessed performances of the Valmiera Summer Theater Festival 2021, performances of diploma works from the Latvian Academy of Culture and other independent theaters.

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