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As circulated on social media Instagram, where there is an incident about the strangest mammal in the world that has ever lived in the world, called the Unicorn

In fact, the results of paleoanthropological research show that once there were mammals like horses with horns on their heads who lived side by side with early humans during the Ice Age.

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The unicorn, also known as the horned horse, appears most often in ancient legends and usually plays the role of a ferocious and elusive creature with horns, blood, and hair that contain phenomenal powers. So far we know that the origin of horse horns comes from magical dreams. Well, the existence of a horn horse is not just a dream!

According to a study recently published in the American Journal of Applied Sciences, Elasmotherium sibiricum, this land mammal was discovered thousands of centuries ago but became extinct about 29,000 years ago. That is, creatures that resembled unicorns coexisted with early humans. This creature died out about 350,000 years ago, before humans were right back on earth.

“Our research is making adjustments to our understanding of environmental conditions in the geological age in general,” Andrey Shpanski, one of the researchers who discovered the skull, told “Understanding the past helps us make more accurate predictions about future natural processes.”

Unfortunately, “understanding the past” does not mean that science can reveal the superpowers of horn horses. “Unicorns as we imagine them today never existed; these stories may have emerged from civil histories and misinterpretations of horned rhinos, ”said Dorothy Ann Bray, a professor at McGill University and an expert on mythology and legend.

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