Sunday, November 28

T-Mobile Thuis has internet failure for the second day in a row, the effects are less

T-Mobile Home customers have had a breakdown with their landline internet for the second day in a row. The failure on Tuesday is smaller than on Monday. Among other things, Tweaker, CoronaCheck and Twitch are difficult to reach due to the malfunction.

Subscribers say among others on GoT has been affected by the failure since 06:51 a.m. on Tuesday morning. Tweaker and Gathering of Tweakers cannot be reached due to this malfunction, as are certain government services such as the CoronaCheck and CoronaTest websites. Streams from Twitch are also not visible, customers report im T-Mobile-Forum. By the way: Not all customers state that they have been affected by the failure.

According to the provider, the disruption is being worked on. It is not clear what exactly is going on. The failure seems to be due to the NaWas connection between T-Mobile and NBIP. Some users can see Tweakers through T-Mobile Home, but that’s because Tweakers can be reached through two addresses, explains Tweakers server administrator Kees Hoekzema from. Users who see Tweakers are likely connected through Tweakers’ fallback data center.

On Monday T-Mobile Home customers also suffered a malfunction; this was more severe and resulted in the television not working and more websites inaccessible. Pages and services such as Slack, NOS and Netflix could not be used at this point in time. At 10:45 am, this failure was remedied “due to adjustments in the network”. Customers with a T-Mobile cellular connection were not affected by either of the T-Mobile Home failures.

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