Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 to be confirmed at Jakarta Fashion Week 2022 – Samsung Electronics Indonesia (SEIN) officially announced its collaboration with well-known designers, Jeffry Tan.

This collaboration includes devices Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 claims to have a design stylish.

Selvia Gofar, Head of Product Marketing IT & Mobile at SEIN, said that if Galaxy Z Flip3 to be made Trendsetter.

“With this shape compact and also stylish that strongly supports the fashion of its users, ”he said in a written statement that Nextren received on Tuesday (23/11).

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Selvia thinks that this means that the Galaxy Z Flip3 can be equated with fashion.

“So we see the opportunity to work with Jakarta Fashion Week 2022, the right decision,” he continued.

A special collection has emerged from the collaboration with Jeffry Tan Ready-made fashion deluxe.

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The special collection of the Galaxy Z Flip3 collaboration with Jeffry Tan is called ‘Footprints’.

Jeffry Tan revealed that the design is compatible with the Galaxy Z Flip3.

“My plan tends to breathe nervous but easy to use, so it can be easily combined with colors versatile Galaxy Z Flip3, ″ he explained.

Coupled with the trendy accessories and the slim and compact shape of the phone, it makes it perfect.

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The Footprints special collection itself consists of 12 looks with various unique combinations.

“I’m trying to do something elegant and contradicting how the use of materials that structured, from-mix and match with this cloth oose, to some transformative forms of clothing, ”said Jeffry.

He gave an example of one of his garments that could be worn in six different ways.

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Jeffry sees the Galaxy Z Flip3 as a transformative, versatile, and expressive phone.

The transformative element here is arguably in line with several collections ready to wear Jeffry Tan who is also unique and transformative.

Meanwhile, the transformative Galaxy Z Flip3 comes from the ability of the device to fold and adapt to its use.

Then comes the element of versatility from the Galaxy Z Flip3’s color palette.

Galaxy Z Flip3 offers four color options consisting of Cream, Green, Lavender and Phantom Black.

The four colors are said to have colors that fashion lovers often use diegmari.

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Samsung Indonesia

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

Finally, there’s an expressive element in Galaxy Z Flip3 which comes from accessories such as silicone cases.

“These three values ​​are one of the inspirations for footprints,” he concluded.

The ‘Footprints’ fashion show can be seen on Thursday (November 25th) from 5:00 p.m. WIB on JFW.TV.

The Jakarta Fashion Week series of events will take place from 25.-28. November 2021 and can be followed virtually.


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