Princess Charlene receives “specialized” care outside of Monaco: Quelle – Nach Welt

A source close to the palace says Princess Charlene is receiving special treatment for extreme fatigue

Princess Charlene of Monaco, the wife of Prince Albert II, is receiving special treatment for extreme fatigue in a confidential location outside the principality, a source close to the palace said AFP on Tuesday.

The unsolicited source confirmed that Charlene was no longer in Monaco after returning to live with her family in early November after months in South Africa.

Their absence last week from Monaco’s annual national holiday, the largest annual event on the palace calendar, had fueled new speculation about the state of the couple’s marriage, as well as new concerns about their health.

“Princess Charlene was not in Monaco for a short time. She was admitted to a specialized facility after she was very tired due to her weakness, ”the source said without giving any further details.

Prince Albert had said it himself persons Magazine that Charlene, 43, needed treatment outside of Monaco, however, didn’t go into the nature of her health problems.

“She was clearly exhausted, both physically and emotionally. She was overwhelmed and could not face official duties, life in general or family life, ”he told the magazine.

Charlene had to undergo surgery in South Africa in September after she collapsed from complications from an ear, nose and throat infection

Albert ran the national holiday that weekend without Charlene, but with their six-year-old twins Gabriella and Jacques, both of whom were in attendance. – AFP

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