Police: massacre at Christmas parade Waukesha not a case of terror – archyde

The drive to a Christmas parade in the American city of Waukesha is not treated as terrorism, police say. 39 year old Darrell Brooks drove yesterday in the pageant in the state of Wisconsin. Five people were killed and 48 injured. At least nine of them are in critical condition in the hospital.

Brooks is charged with the deaths of five people. They are between 52 and 81 years old. Police say it’s not yet clear why Brooks, from nearby Milwaukee, was in the parade. It appears that he was rioting around the city according to an earlier report of domestic violence.

“He ran over both the barriers and the officers at the scene,” the Waukesha police commander told the press. A police officer fired another shot to stop the driver, but stopped because of the danger to bystanders.

Gone with justice

According to various American media outlets, Brooks has a long history with the judiciary. The man had previously been convicted of assault, strangulation and resisting arrest. He is also known as a sex offender. About fifteen years ago, at the age of 24, he impregnated a 15-year-old girl.

Brooks was recently charged with assault, illegal gun possession, and reckless behavior. He was allowed to return home on payment of a deposit of 1000 euros.


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