Nationally known indigenous singer dies, her sister tells NewsChannel 9 – Nach Welt

Sent: 11/23/2021 / 1:04 PM ESTUpdated: 11/23/2021 / 1:04 PM EST

SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) – Joanne Shenandoah, a major Native American voice, died at the age of 64, her sister confirmed to NewsChannel 9.

She was a Grammy-winning musician and humanist and received awards from around the world.

She played in the White House, in the Vatican, shared the stage with top performers and heads of state. Shenandoah was a member of the Oneida Nation and a founding member of the Hiawatha Institute for Indigenous Knowledge, a non-profit higher education institution based on the Iroquois principles.

And she worked on the Attorney General’s national task force on children exposed to violence for the Department of Justice.

The Associated Press said she was one of “America’s most acclaimed and critically acclaimed Native American musicians of her time.”

Shenandoah was featured in NewsChannel 9’s Special Remarkable Women earlier this year.

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