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Presents the special brand that celebrates the century of life of one of the most famous and spectacular F1 circuits, born in 1922 “in 110 days” as Sticchi Damiani, President of Aci, recalled. Domenicali: “Having Imola and Monza at the World Cup is something special for Italy that no one else can boast of”

A century of speed, challenges, victories and Italian style. The Monza circuit will be 100 years old in 2022 and begin the celebrations and present – as an absolute preview of Expo 2020 in Dubai – a new icon of Made in Italy: the logo of the 100th anniversary of the “Temple of Speed” during the Beauty of Sport, Italian Sports Day, the day dedicated to Italian sport organized by Coni in the Italian Pavilion in the presence of the Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Luigi Di Maio.

magical year for f1 in italy

2022 will be a special year for Formula 1 in Italy: after the centenary of the Monza circuit, Imola will host the second Formula 1 Grand Prix of Italy, like Stefano Domenicali, Head of Formula 1, with the President of Coni Giovanni Malagò during the panel discussion emphasized “100 years of Monza and the Made in Italy GP: Italy, the double world excellence of motorsport”. “In the next few years there are many projects that can lead the Monza race track into a new era of mobility and motorsport; Reliving its glorious history, as on this occasion in Dubai, is a great impetus for the future, ”said the President of the Monza Circuit, Giuseppe Radaelli.

Monza Gallery of Legends

From Juan Manuel Fangio and Alberto Ascari to Michael Schumacher, from Enzo Ferrari, Niki Lauda and Ayrton Senna to Lewis Hamilton, the public, the mechanics, the people, in a hundred years in Monza the track, the technology, the rules have changed, but the emotions are unchanged. Radaelli and the President of the ACI, Angelo Sticchi Damiani, recalled the stories and passions of the men of motorsport, the great protagonists of those hundred years in Monza, and presented the visual identity of the centenary in dialogue with Stefano Domenicali for the future of Italian motorsport and the challenges ahead for Monza, starting with reducing the environmental impact of the centenary circuit.

not just f1 in monza

“With two stages of the Formula 1 championship and two stages of the WRC World Rally, the Monza race track and Italian motorsport are increasingly protagonists of the world. Monza will continue to be a leading track for many future motorsport disciplines, explained Sticchi Damiani. Commenting on the modernization work, he added: “The Monza racetrack was built in 110 days and horse-drawn vehicles were still in use. We hope that by September 3, 2022 we can do the work necessary to present it to the world in the way it deserves ”. And Domenicali repeated: “When you think of Formula 1 all over the world, you cannot miss the great contribution Italy has made to this sport and the first 100 years of the Monza circuit are an important testimony to that. . Monza is something special, Monza is the home of Formula 1, she has always written about the most important aspects of this sport, which has been giving emotions, passion and a smile for 71 years. We are preparing to enter a new era for Formula 1, with new regulations and new cars that will make even more exciting races possible, and we are excited to have Italy once again as major protagonists in the official with two stops in Imola and Monza Calendar from 2022 available. something that nobody else in Europe has ”.


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