Michael Cohen Says Trump Will Not Run For 2024: “His Ego Can’t Stand To Be A Two-Time Loser” | US elections 2024 – by Welt

Donald Trump pollsters thinks he’ll walk For the White House again in 2024, with a path to victory through five states he lost to Joe Biden in 2020: Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

But Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney and fixer, who fresh out of house arrest, thinks he won’t.

“His fragile ego can’t stand being viewed as a two-time loser,” Cohen said called on Monday.

Trump narrowly lost the five states in question – defeats he won’t accept, and continues to promote the lie Biden won thanks to election fraud that led to deadly violence in the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Politico receive a Memo by Trump’s pollster Tony Fabrizio, who said a poll conducted for the former president’s fundraising committee got him above Biden in all five states, with margins of three points in Georgia to 12 in Michigan.

In current books via the Trump administration, Fabrizio is portrayed ready to deliver Trump poll messages that he did not want.

But he told Politico: “One poll after another shows clearly that … Trump is still the 800 pound gorilla in the world [Republican party] and would be his candidate for 2024, he should run. “

“These new data clearly show that voters in these five key states today would like to bring Trump back to the White House and grab Biden.”

With Biden struggling in the polls, Trump dominates both his party and the Republican fundraiser with huge post-election earnings. He is also still in serious legal danger. The Washington Post betrayed details of his legal issues on Monday, including the Republican Party pay some of his legal bills.

Cohen, one of more than 10 Trump employees convicted of crimes, has accomplished convicting him of his role in illegally hiding women in support of Trump’s 2016 election campaign and lying by Congress about a project in Russia.

“Donald won’t run away,” Cohen said CNN. “Why? First of all, he has an incredibly fragile ego. He lost 9 million votes for the first time [actually a little more than 7m]. He’s going to lose more than nine meters a second and his fragile ego can’t stand to be seen as a two-time loser. “

When asked if Trump would react to defeat again by simply saying he won, Cohen pointed to Trump’s political commitment Fundraisingthat brought more than $ 100 million.

“This is none other than the greatest grudge in the world,” said Cohen. “He’s making more money than he did when he had the Trump organization and all of its assets. So why would you give up on that?

“He’s going to drag this thing to the end. I have an original document … in which he decided in 2011 not to run. And of course the reasons he was talking about was his real estate, it was the apprentice, and so on.

“He will do the same. The only difference from the last time is that he makes money every day by sending more text messages. “Oh, Donald won. Send $ 25. ‘”

Alluding to images of Republicans, including the House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, at Trump’s Florida resort, Cohen said Trump “doesn’t have to be the president on his mind to be the man behind power, which goes with his saying, of course, does it? ‘Come and kiss the ring.’

“He says that all the time. They all come to Mar-a-Lago to kiss the ring. “


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