Sunday, November 28

Meghan Markle lets “alarm bells ring” because of the relationship with Eugenie: Report – Nach Welt

Experts admit that Meghan Markle’s close relationship with Eugenie rang some alarm bells in the palace.

The royal expert Neil Sean made this admission on his personal YouTube channel.

There he was quoted as saying: “Meghan has created even more drama. That’s all thanks to her recent appearance on the underrated Ellen Degeneres Show. Meghan herself has now dropped someone of a fairly high level within the British royal family into hot water. “

“She supposedly wowed fans with glimpses of her brand new ex-royal life, the Halloween party, the car history that we’ve all heard, things like that. It should resonate with people, people who thought, well, you know, she’s kind of normal, she’s like us, you know. “

“As we know, Megan then decided to describe her friendship with Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack, which apparently goes back quite a long way.

“That’s the problem now for Princess Eugenie because of course, as we know, all the high-ranking members of the British royal family are very nervous when something comes back to Meghan and Harry because they want to monetize everything and drop bombs and talk about it.” how bad the family is. Megan seems to have briefly deposed Princess Eugenie in it. “

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