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In the northern parts of the country, winter is usually synonymous with pollution. Many cities are surrounded by a thick blanket of smog (smoke and fog). Prolonged exposure to smog can cause many health problems, and these lungs Krebs Awareness Month we investigate how environmental pollution affects the lungs in particular.

Dr. Niti Raizada, director of medical oncology and hemato-oncology at Fortis La Femme Hospital, Richmond Road, Bengaluru, says we generally associate lung cancer with tobacco smoking.

“Particulate pollution is a tiny particle made up of acids, organic chemicals, metals, soil, and dust. The ultrafine particles not only wade through the lungs, they can also easily get into our bloodstream and cause damage there. These are mixtures of solid and liquid substances that are mainly emitted by vehicles (nitrate), power plants, industry (sulfur dioxide). It can also be natural environment (radon). In essence, the air can appear clean because we cannot see these particles, but they all cause cancer, ”explains the doctor.

According to her, these pollutants not only cause cancer, they also “have been shown to cause increased cardiovascular / ischemic heart disease leading to heart attacks and strokes, increased mortality in infants and children, increased asthma and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)”. .

Dr. Raizada warns that it doesn’t take years or decades of exposure to get lung cancer, even short-term exposure to high levels is known to trigger the mutations that cause lung cancer.

So what steps can be taken to counter this?

“We may not be able to escape the pollution of big cities, but when we’re exercising outside, it is wiser to stay away from paths where polluting vehicles are on the move. It is better to choose a park. Also, watch out for pollution sources like burning fossil fuel stoves, exhaust fumes from diesel generators, and make sure that any safety measures for the fumes are properly directed through the fumes well above the height of the buildings, ”advises the doctor.

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