Legrand launches the Intelligent Electrical Panel on the Romanian market

The Legrand Intelligent Electrical Panel offers solutions for controlling electrical installations in any type of room, whether private or in residential complexes. The switchboard plays an important role in the electrical installation by protecting the internal circuits with the help of circuit breakers.

The interface, which is easy to install and configure, can be easily integrated into the control panel using the Netatmo gateway module. Among other things, this module is compatible with all Legrand products connected to Netatmo and enables the entire house to be controlled.

The connected circuit breaker enables the user to control the lighting circuits operated with buttons locally or remotely, to integrate the lighting circuits into customer-specific programs or scenarios and to manage the consumption of the lighting circuit via the Home + Control application.

Another feature of the application is the measurement and real-time display of the power consumption of users who are powered by the associated electrical circuit.

In addition, the connected contactor enables the user to control the operation of devices with high energy consumption (electric boiler, pool pump, electric heater, socket for charging the electric vehicle, etc.) from anywhere.

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