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By Jaclyn Schultz

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LAS VEGAS (KVVU) – A woman with cerebral palsy and her family are temporarily homeless in the challenging Las Vegas rental market, but the community has stood up to them with donations and various grants to find a place.

FOX5 first aired the story in mid-November with mother Lillian Proctor when she was about to lose her home in seven days. The clock was ticking and Lillian was forced to move out with no where to go.

You are facing the same crisis as thousands in southern Nevada: You cannot find a place to rent and live in the midst of a low inventory of affordable housing and skyrocketing prices.

Calls and emails were received to offer assistance, from donations for the first and last month’s rent, accommodation, or even finding a rental apartment. The family set up a GoFundMe page due to the overwhelming response.

The community has raised more than $ 11,800 to date.

“I felt undeserved. There are others out there who are in worse shape than me. Then I decided that God loves me and there are people who really care. I believe in humanity. I believe in love and I believe in Vegas Strong, ”said Proctor.

FOX5 first found out about Proctor and her family’s situation in early November.

A woman with cerebral palsy and her family are at risk of losing their home in seven days. You are facing the same crisis as thousands in southern Nevada: You cannot find a place to rent and live in the midst of a low inventory of affordable housing and skyrocketing prices.

“I’m desperate. I feel like I’ve finally failed, ”said Proctor, who takes care of daughter Veronica, 28. Veronica cannot speak, or feed, or stand up. It must be carried or moved in a wheelchair. Her mother takes care of her around the clock and had to give up her job in social work.

Proctor’s rent has always been paid by Section 8, and her landlord has never gone without payments; However, Proctor said the landlord’s other tenants had not paid rent, putting their landlord in a situation where he would have to sell his home in the North Las Vegas area to make up for financial losses.

Proctor said that despite a guaranteed rent of $ 2,400 to each landlord, she had searched unsuccessfully for months. A landlord approved her on condition that she pay $ 4,800 as a bail. She didn’t have the money.

Proctor said she paid $ 600 in rental application fees only to be turned left and right. Numerous residents across southern Nevada have said the unregulated rental market has forced them to hunt for homes and pay numerous application fees of more than $ 1,000 with no guarantee to rent.

From families to fixed income seniors, thousands of rents have increased from 20% to 50%, even doubling the amount of the previous lease.

“I’m on HotPads, Zillow. I borrowed cars to knock on doors, ”said Proctor. “I’ve never asked for help for [Veronica]. I try to stay strong I do not want [Veronica and my son My’kah] to think it was their fault. “

Proctor went to the court to ask a judge to give him more time to look for an apartment and move. The judge gave her until November 18th.

More than 3,200 people and families are on their waiting list looking for affordable and permanent housing, according to Help of Southern Nevada. The list includes seniors, people with disabilities or limited incomes, as well as families and people receiving assistance from the Section 8 accommodation.

“There is a struggle to compete with private renters and people who can pay more. We need more landlords and hotel owners willing to rent to our people, ”said Kelly Robson, chief social services officer.

The organization helps connect families with landlords willing to accept Section 8 housing or other federal and welfare funding.

If you’re a family who will become homeless in 14 days or a landlord ready to support families, Help of Southern Nevada has resources available to you. Contact [email protected] or visit their website.

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