Sunday, November 28

Kevin Spacey has to compensate the studio behind “House of Cards” – archyde

MRC, behind “House of Cards,” had to fire Spacey, put production of the series on hold, rewrite the entire series to remove Spacey’s lead, and cut it from 13 to 8 episodes to meet the deadline, whichever Losses in the tens of millions, according to a ruling by a court in Los Angeles.

The 31 million Spacey and his production company pay the equivalent of almost 277 million crowns.

– The safety of our employees, the set and the work environment are extremely important to MRC, writes the studio about why they applied for compensation. Spacey’s defense attorneys have argued that his actions were not a factor in MRC’s financial loss.

The case has been running out of the public eye for more than three years. Spacey appealed the decision to three private arbitrators who sided with the plaintiffs. This made the decision both final and public on Monday.

The 62-year-old Oscar-winner’s career collapsed abruptly in 2017 when an actor claimed Spacey approached him at a party in the ’80s when the actor was only 14 years old. Spacey said in a statement he did not remember the incident but apologized.

Several later came forward with allegations and some went to court. Independent investigators believe Spacey was involved in widespread sexual harassment of his employees.

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