Iowa flu, spike in COVID worrying hospital amid healthcare shortage – archyde

A sudden spike in seasonal flu cases, on top of rising COVID-19 cases, calls for the University of Iowa Iowa Hospital to take extra precautions to avoid overloading the health system.

Last week, the University of Iowa Health Care had more than 150 positive tests for seasonal flu – a number typically seen only in December and far more than the single-digit positive flu cases hospitalized in last year’s exceptionally mild flu season were found. Doctors generally test for flu more aggressively early in the season to assess its prevalence, but don’t test every suspicion throughout the season.

The early spread gives cause for concern that there will be greater transmission in the community as the cold drives more people into the house, especially with the upcoming holidays, Theresa Brennan, UIHC’s chief medical officer, said at a press conference on Monday.

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