“Hunting Hamilton has Verstappen where he wants him” – Nach Welt

According to Damon Hill, Lewis Hamilton has limited opportunities to catch up with title rival Max Verstappen. In the drivers’ standings, the two are only eight points apart, in favor of the Dutchman. However, Mercedes seems to have a faster car.

It was another dominant weekend for Hamilton in Qatar. After the pole position, the Briton was able to achieve victory on Sunday without any problems. In the end, Verstappen finished second after a five-place penalty at the start of the race, even though he was able to set the fastest lap.

“Looks like Lewis is the fighter right now,” said Hill F1 Nations Podcast. “He’s happy where he is, as a pursuer. However, there are only a few ways to compensate for your shortcoming (in the World Cup, editor’s note). Statistically, he can lose the championship to Verstappen, “can even win the title in Saudi Arabia if things turn out differently.”

According to Hill, the World Cup could very quickly fall in a different direction. “It’s the first time in ages that everything revolves around the last two races,” continues the former Formula 1 driver. “This is the first time that you can say: ‘If something happens to one of the protagonists, the other becomes world champion.”

If something happens to Hamilton in Saudi Arabia, Verstappen can simply win the world title. However, Hill doubts this is true. “When was the last time Hamilton finished sixth? He also has the new internal combustion engine. Toto Wolff said the ‘hot’ engine will be used again, ”said the 1996 world champion.



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