Health approves the new Covid traffic light but does not take action on Covid passport, capacity and hospitality – archyde

The Public Health Commission, together with the Autonomous Communities and the Ministry of Health, has approved the approval of the new Covid traffic light. Carolina Darias, who advocates “further vaccinating” the population to avoid infections with the coronavirus, announces the approval of the new Covid traffic light document.

“The traffic light document has been approved, only the indicators and risk levels, without actionannounced the Minister of Health. He added that this assumes variation “Contextualize the levels with the current situation with very high vaccination; therefore the document was approved without further action. “

In memory of Covid-Pass, Minister Darias points out that the guidelines established by the judges are followed from the Supreme Court: “The Supreme Court has set the way and that will be the way.”

The new Covid traffic light

The new document of the Covid traffic light, approved this Tuesday, November 23rd, changes the indicators and risk levels to analyze and examine what level each area is at.

  • the “Very high risk”: Increased from 250 to 500 Cases.
  • The ‘high risk’: It goes from 150 to 300 cases.
  • The “medium risk”: Between 100 and 300 cases.
  • The “low risk”: Increases from 50 to 100 cases.

Carolina Darias hat die “unanimously ”to approve this new document. “On the document, the most important thing – I want to emphasize it – is unanimity or very high consensus on the need to approve a new framework, a new framework of indicators and risk levels, as the situation in Spain has nothing to do with other situations ”.

Coronavirus data

Health has registered 6,777 new cases of coronavirus, of which 4,747 were diagnosed in the last 24 hours. In addition to the deaths from this Sars-CoV-2, 34 more were reported, of which 84 were registered in the last week.

In terms of the 14-day incidence, it’s 139.1 cases per 100,000 population, compared to 132.19 reported Monday.

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