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Grieving father Andrew McGinley was dropped from RTÉ’s Late Late Show line-up after the broadcaster received correspondence against his performance.

he father of three was due to appear on prime-time television on October 8 to announce plans for a fundraising concert in memory of his children. It was hoped that the high profile slot would help raise funds for the As Darragh Did charity, which was founded after the children’s deaths.

However, just hours before the show aired, he announced that he would not appear.

In response to questions on the matter, Mr. McGinley said that Irish independent: “I was informed by RTÉ that they had received a letter saying that speaking about Conor, Darragh and Carla on the could be a painful and traumatic experience Late Late Show.

“Lots of people who knew the kids well looked forward to the show, especially many of the children’s friends who were allowed to stay up to see Ryan talked about them.

“I would have been aware of that, but I only speak with love when I talk about Conor, Darragh and Carla.”

If the Irish independentRTÉ declined to comment on the circumstances behind the decision to remove him from the advertised line-up. A spokesman also declined to say if and when Mr. McGinley would reappear.

RTÉ had sent a press release the day before the broadcast, in which he was highlighted as a guest alongside Peter Schmeichel, Rosanna Davison and Ruth Negga.

It has been more than 18 months since Conor, Darragh, and Carla died. In May, her mother, Deirdre Morley, was found not guilty of the insanity of her murders and was admitted to the Central Mental Hospital.

Since then, Andrew has worked tirelessly to increase the involvement of families in the mental health care of their loved ones. At the same time, he is working on his charity drives in memory of his three children. “I would be eaten up by what happened if it weren’t for the projects for the kids,” he said.

“Lately a few people have asked, does it make you happy? I thought about it and it fills me with so much love that it lifts me up. It’s as good as happiness or joy. I wouldn’t call it that though, it’s love.

“Am I angry? Yeah i’m mad But I don’t think anger will get me anywhere and I know the kids wouldn’t want me to be angry. I don’t want to be angry. For me, I just want that to never happen again.“

As Darragh Did is a charity founded in memory of his son Darragh, 7, who was involved in a number of local activities including Rathcoole Boys, St Marys GAA in Saggart, and Commercials Hurling. The charity would like to finance local clubs, associations, groups and projects with a donation to encourage participation.

Andrew set up Conor’s clips on YouTube to fulfill his eldest son Conor’s (9) dream of having his own YouTube channel.

Carla (3), his daughter, wanted to build a snowman, but because it doesn’t snow every year in Ireland, her father organizes a poster painting competition on her behalf – Snowman for Carla. It started earlier this month in Irish independent.

Deirdre Morley took his life the three children at their home in Newcastle, Co. Dublin on January 24, 2020.

Her trial revealed that she had suffered from mental health problems for several years.

Frau Morley had a long history of depression and her condition had progressed to delusional and psychosis when she killed the children. However, the court heard that she was hiding the gravity of her condition from her neighbors.

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