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Cucamelón, the small fruit that you did not know but will become your favorite

If we love something beyond eating, it is enjoying small, curious-looking foods. This fruit meets all the characteristics.

Colloquially known as ‘mouse melon’, sour pickle or small watermelon because of its appearance and size.


The cucamelon (Melothria scabra) is a cucurbit with a fresh and acidic flavor, which makes it ideal to be consumed in hot weather or at any time to refresh the palate.

Although their appearance is a bit strange, cucamelons are not a strange genetically modified hybrid, but rather a cucurbit from Central America that It has been consumed since pre-Columbian times, being a staple in the Mexican diet, despite the fact that in many places it is still unknown.


The cucurbit is eaten completely, with everything and skin, on the outside it has a crunchy consistency while the interior is smooth, with small white seeds, very similar to its counterpart; the pumpkin, but with a sour taste a between cucumber or a lime.

Some studies from the University of Wisconsin mention that cucamelon is rich in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants, which help the body avoid heart disease, as well as prevent premature aging.

The most prevalent vitamin is C, which combines with potassium and lowers cholesterol, as well as cardiovascular health and function, as well as better digestion.

Growing from home

In countries where it is consumed the most, such as the United States or part of Central America, it is very common for cucamelon to be kept in canned vinegar to enhance its acid taste or in other regions; it is included in the diet of salads.

Therefore, for many people, who consume it, it is very common for it to be grow in gardens or small places at home, as it is not very complicated to care for the plant.


The plant is not excessively large if the growth is guided upwards, as it is very resistant to dry seasons or very hot climates when it is exposed to the elements.

To cultivate it, it is necessary find cucurbit seeds, which are usually bought on internet sites, since it is somewhat difficult to find it in orchards. Likewise, it is important to know that the seeds were not exposed to fertilizers or chemicals, as it could affect their growth properties.

Subsequently, a small amount of seeds should be sown in a pot with depth between about 2 and 4 cm.

Afterwards, it should be placed in a place where the sun does not burn or dry it, as well as keep the earth moista with an atomizer so that it does not rot from so much water.

Germination can take up to three weeks, but little by little little leaves will come out, depending on the number of seeds that have germinated. Once they emerge, the weakest shoot should be removed so that the new ones can grow stronger.

Finally, when you already have small shoots of plants, you should transfer to another bigger pot with more fertile soil so that the roots can expand and begin to grow along.

Given its resistance and beneficial properties, the cocamelon has gradually become a super cucurbit for all occasions and tastes, given its fresh flavor that many like and the ease in which it can be included in everyday dishes or as a small snack with more fruits.



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