COVID-19: There is no rebound in cases in schools, says López-Gatell

Hugo López-Gatell, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, reported that since the reopening of schools to this day there has been no upturn in the school community of COVID-19 cases and Only 64 thousand 682 registered cases of minors have been presented.

“At no time has there been a rebound in COVID in the school population”

López-Gatell, en press conference “morning” of the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), indicated that only 0.07% of the schools that have reopened have presented some kind of affectation.

“Schools were opened on August 30 and at no time has there been a rebound in COVID in the school population. Specifically, we monitor the population aged 5 to 17 years and as you can see there is a progressive reduction in cases in this population and the percentage of cases that occur at these ages has remained very fixed, it is 10% and this speaks to us of a minimum impact if there are some of the opening of the schools on the contagion, “said López-Gatell.

“We have an information system for immediate alerting shared with the SEP and we see that of the schools that have opened so far, which is almost 67% of the schools, only 0.7% have had some kind of affectation “, said.

In the National Palace, López-Gatell stressed that most cases of COVID infections that have occurred in schools are mild.

“We have already seen throughout the epidemic in Mexico and in the world that in the minor population, COVID is presented as a disease, fortunately, mild in its vast majority, “he said.



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