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Ex-soloist of the group “NeAngely” Victoria Smeyukha talked about what kind of relationship she had with her stage colleague Slava Kaminskaya for 15 years. The singer stated that she had been repeatedly beaten, humiliated and bullied, but could not tell anything about it.

The singer also commented on how the redhead from “NeAngelov” reacted to the trick with her face cut on the cake. Vika told the Zirkovo Shlyakh journalists about these and other details of the scandal Youtube (To see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Remember that Victoria’s sister made a scandalous statement about bullying and abuse in the team. According to the now solo artist, Slava has humiliated her and released her hands throughout the group’s creative journey.

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“There were assaults. She hit me when she couldn’t cope with something emotionally. I remember lying in bed on the bus, seeing a man throw himself at me with his fists. There were moments when she pulled my hair out. Then the manager got fired for standing up for Glory, ”Victoria recalled.

The artist said she did not speak about it publicly so as not to damage the singers’ image. Out of love for the audience, “NeAngels” and respect for the group’s producer, Yuri Nikitin, she did not dare to make a scandal.

“I was silent for the whole 15 years. I was silent for a reason, but because I realized that this is not the most interesting thing worth telling, ”said the singer.

Slava Kaminskaya

Victoria assured that she never wanted the duet to break up and tried in all possible and impossible ways to keep the group going. However, Slava and the producer decided that the NeAngely project should be closed.

Now the singer is pursuing a solo career and is ready to release a symbolic song, due to which the network suspects the pretext of conflict. Some fans thought this was the way the ex-member of the group decided to draw attention before the premiere. However, Vika himself considers this to be a good coincidence.

Victoria Smeyukha

Although the girls no longer work on the same stage, the showdown between them continues. Victoria said that Slava called her after the sliced ​​cake situation and said a lot of unpleasant things.

Victoria Smeyukha commented on the relationship with Slava

There have even been threats from fans of the redheads and intimidation on their part. According to Victoria, the performer is afraid of revealing her past actions and what could happen to her afterwards.

“Slava called me. There was an emotional outburst and a lot was said that I wasn’t expecting to hear. It was intimidating that I would have nothing, that she would take our team. They thought I was doing some kind of ritual. ” . She probably thinks something is going to happen to her, or I’ll tell you something, ”said the artist.

Slava and Victoria

Recall that the scandal broke out when fans ordered Victoria a cake with the face of ex-colleague Kaminskaya. The performer cut off the baked goods resulting in attacks on social networks by Slava, who said this was disrespect to the group and their fans. OBOZREVATEL told more about the quarrel between the singers in Material.

Briefly about the stars:

  • Slava Kaminskaya – 37-year-old Ukrainian singer, designer, ex-member of the female pop group “NeAngely”. She was born on July 16, 1984 in Odessa. As a child she studied singing and acrobatics. The team disbanded in March 2021 after 15 years of existence.

  • Victoria Smeyukha – 35-year-old musical performer who previously worked with Kaminskaya. Originally from Kharkov.

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