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There should be no exceptions in European legislation for SP-2, Kiev insists

Dmitry Kuleba accused the Kremlin of waging a hybrid war against Europe in order to increase the pressure on concessions to Sevpotok-2.

The fact that the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 has not yet been launched, is the result of the joint efforts of Ukraine and its partners. About that specified Foreign Ministry head Dmitry Kuleba in the air Ukraine 24 Sunday, November 21

Nord Stream 2 It should have been on the market a long time ago and should have been earned, but the fact that it still doesn’t work and we’re struggling with it is the result of our joint efforts. Together with our partners, we have significantly slowed down the implementation of this project and gained a lot of time for better conditions for the confrontation with Russia, ”said the minister.

At the same time, he accused the Kremlin of waging a hybrid war on such fronts: the migration crisis, the military escalation near the Ukrainian border, the increase in Russian propaganda in the European Union, and the paralysis of the Normandy format and the Minsk Trial.

The purpose of such measures by the Russian Federation, according to Kuleba, is to increase the pressure on the EU to make concessions Sevpotoku-2.

“We see the efforts of Russian lawyers and lobbyists trying to find loopholes in European legislation and special conditions for Nord Stream 2… But we insist that there should be no exceptions, ”said the Foreign Minister, emphasizing that the SP-2 for Moscow is not an economic, but a political project.

As a reminder: On November 15th, the German regulatory authority decided to stop companies Naftogaz of Ukraine and Ukrainian GTS operator on the certification process of Nord Stream 2 AG as a pipeline operator Nord Stream 2.

On the second day it was announced that Nord Stream 2 AG’s certification process suspended.

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