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The Abdallah family, whose four children were killed in a tragic accident in Oatlands, suffered another blow while fighting for a memorial garden in a golf club.

The siblings Antony (13), Angelina (12), Sienna (8) and their cousin Veronique Sakr (11) died in February 2020 after they were hit by a ute on the way to the ice cream parlor.

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The crash occurred on the edge of Oatlands Golf Club.

The children’s parents, Danny and Leila, have been fighting for a memorial garden in the golf club for months.

Two memorial designs were abandoned due to their size and size, and discussions on the proposal for a memorial ended in July.

The family asked if development was on the plan.

A memorial at the crash site. Credit: 7NEWS
Victims of the Oatlands crash, from left, Veronique, Sienna, Antony and Angelina. Credit: Delivered

It has now been announced that the golf club intends to build 193 apartments on the property, 200 meters from where the family wishes the tribute.

“I’m shocked, surprised and quite disappointed,” Danny told 7NEWS.

“I think that’s why they didn’t want the memorial.”

Local MP Geoff Lee said the move shows the golf club is “cold hearted”.

PM weighs in

Prime Minister Scott Morrison also spoke on the matter, saying he was “very concerned” about the news about the planned development.

“I would certainly hope that a fair result can be achieved for them here,” said Morrison.

“I think your simple, honest, and humble request that you should be able to memorialize the children who have been taken from you … is perfectly reasonable.”

Morrison added that he had consulted with NSW Prime Minister Dominic Perrotte on the matter.

Leila Abdallah (left) and Danny Abdallah.  File image.
Leila Abdallah (left) and Danny Abdallah. File image. Credit: Joel carrett/AAP

“We texted this morning and I know (he) is working with you to hopefully achieve something positive here,” he said.

NSW opposition leader Chris Minns also raised the issue Monday afternoon, calling on the club to show “a little compassion” for the family who had acted with grace and determination to remember loved ones.

“Some things are more important than money and that’s one of them,” said Minns.

“I hope that common sense will prevail and that the golf course will change course.”

A view of the Oatlands Golf Club.
A view of the Oatlands Golf Club. Credit: 7NEWS

The golf club did not want to comment on the matter on Monday, but on December 8th the members are supposed to vote on whether the development proposal should be pushed forward.

The driver who killed the children was sentenced to at least 21 years in prison after pleading guilty to four manslaughter, among other things.

An appeal will be filed against this judgment next year.

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