Sam Hammington and Sons are leaving the Korean hit series The Return of Superman

In a post he apologized for the “sudden announcement” and described the last few days as a “roller coaster of emotions”. He also posted a slideshow of his sons’ photos with the text, “It hurts to walk like this, but thanks for the memories!”.

On a photo of himself and his sons in a pool, Hammington wrote: “Every beginning comes an end, (and) unhappy as it is, the time has come for us to move on.

“Thanks to you, the fans, we have been given some great memories. Thanks. We hope that you will continue to support and love us in the future, ”he wrote.

The fans were quick to offer their support to the trio, leaving comments like “Fighting, Sam appa” and “Thank you for making me happy”. Some also asked the family to start their own YouTube channel.

“Without will, it will feel empty. Every time I’m sad or in need of a mood lift, I always watch The Return of Superman, especially WillBen, ”wrote one fan.


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