Sunday, November 28

Rockstar apologizes for messing up Grand Theft Auto and promises corrections – archyde

It should be a celebration of the original games, which will play a lot with small tweaks, and in terms of graphics, both controls and modern systems. Finally Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy (st rating on bonusweb) failed, for which Rockstar boldly awaited full price. The PC version even was Doasn withdrawn from the sale.

We can argue that the final edition was not made by Rockstar, but underneath the result it is signed and the quality should be monitored. These are not just technical problems, but also bugs and many small details, such as tire tapes and interactive punching bags, that either don’t exist in the new version or get tangled up.

Sri Grand Theft Auto and the games that make up this cult trilogy are as special to us as they are to fans around the world. Updated versions of these classic games have not been released in a condition that meets our own quality standards or the standards our fans have come to expect. on rock star on official websites.

The studio can keep up with the technical condition and improve the individual games and with each update the games reach the quality they deserve.

The letter suddenly announced a change in the Rockstar store to offer the original versions of the games. Everyone who bought there or bought the final edition by June 30, 2022 will receive the classic PC versions of Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for free.

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