Reznikov said whether Ukraine is preparing a response to large-scale mobilization of reservists in Russia – archyde

Bloomberg wrote today that Russia has announced the mobilization of tens of thousands of reservists to an unprecedented extent in the last 30 yearsalthough this has not been officially reported. The hosts asked if Ukraine were planning something similar in return.

“Fortunately, Ukraine has been planning for a long time. Because we learned to resist and contain in the eighth year, ”answered Reznikov.

He reminded that from January 2022 the law on national resistance will come into force.

“That is why we have an understanding of territorial defense, we already have more than 200,000 Ukrainians and Ukrainian women who have passed the front have experience. You have volunteered to be in the reserve. You are actually liable for “military service. If necessary, the use of territorial defense battalions is carried out in accordance with the law, reserves and weapons are deployed. There is one commander at a time. So we are ready, ”added the Head of Defense.


July 16, the Verkhovna Rada at second reading and in general approved the bills proposed by President Volodymyr Selensky on national resistance and an increase in the number of armed forces by 15 thousand people (up to 261 thousand), including military personnel – by 11 thousand (up to 215 thousand), of which 10 thousand – for the territorial defense forces and 1 thousand – for special forces. Zelenskyi signed it on July 29th.

According to the law, the components of national resistance are territorial defense, resistance movement and the preparation of Ukrainian citizens for national resistance.

In September the brigades and the command of the TRO got their own emblems.


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