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It would be very mild to write that the trilogy of remastered versions of GTA games from the 3D universe was not very successful. You have already learned this in our previous reviews GTA 3 suffers from a combination of extreme technical problems and outdated game mechanics and Vizestadt the Nintendo Switch console is not running, it is running. The final piece of the puzzle leaves the most challenging of all pieces – San Andreas.

  • Platform:PS5 (recenzovaná), PS4, XSX|S, X1, Switch, PC
  • Release date: 11. 11. 2021
  • Producer: Grove Street Games (USA)
  • Genre: Open-World-City-Event
  • Czech location: born
  • Multiplayer: born
  • Data to download: 23 GB (entire trilogy 40 GB)
  • Playing time: 30+ hours
  • Accessibility: 18+
  • Sales version: digital and box
  • Price: 1599 CZK (complete trilogy, Xzone)

Welcome to sunny San Andreas

It’s unbelievable how quickly the rockstar studio managed to release new games at the beginning of the millennium. At the time that is now really a hangover in the development of AAA games, three episodes of one of the most important game series were released. And it was definitely not a canapé. GTA3 served as the concept for 3D games in an open urban setting, Vice City a year later added atmosphere and story like they were cut from action series from the eighties, and San Andreas came up with nothing less than a complete two years later fictional American governance on three giants, cities and large areas.

Compared to the previous part, the story has shifted a few years forward and to the opposite coast of the United States. You take on the role of Carl “CJ” Johnson, who returns from his Los Santos homeland to bury his mother and re-establish relationships with his family (both biologically and on the streets). In an unsurprising twist, CJ is soon thrown into the criminal whirlwind of gang wars, corrupt cops, triads, and conspiracy theories that gradually takes him to the cities of San Fierro and Las Venturas, and copies parts of California and Nevada. Following the example of the previous part, you will gradually work your way up from petty criminal to head of a huge mafia empire. And all to the sound of the classic hip-hop of the 90s. A perfect American dream for every boy growing up in the ghetto.

The CJ Gang Wars will also take them to San Fierro and Las Venturas.

San Andreas could be summed up in one word compared to earlier works – more massive. The game world is much bigger and brings with it an incredible number of new activities that can keep you entertained for hours. In addition to the obligatory four tasks in the taxi, ambulance, police or fire engine, this time you will also enjoy picking up your apartment, aerial acrobatics, swimming, dating or “dancing” lowriders. In its day, a major draw for the game was the ability to customize the main character’s appearance – in addition to traditionally changing suits and hairstyles, you had the opportunity to improve your hero’s skills and influence his physique by using fitka. visiting or KFC. These changes then opened up new missions and the other characters responded to CJ accordingly. From a gaming standpoint, it was a fully cut diamond that Rockstar carefully worked on for three years, and the game rightly received absolute ratings.

Grove Street Families vs. Grove Street Games

The hunger of the players for the nostalgia was so great that the Rockstar studio decided to remember the trilogy and offer it with a good tinsel to the old guard and a new generation of players. In this case, Grove Street Games’ studio got a functionally well-engineered game, so all they had to do was tweak the look a bit, add a few new game features from GTA 5, and then laugh all the way through the bench. Rockstar would add another blockbuster to his belt and revive the craze for the series to continue. However, this job should not get the Grove Street Games studio, which a few years ago was best known for its botched transmission of GTA games to mobile phones. Instead of quick dust, Rockstar came off rather embarrassing.

Just as CJ expected an unsurprising twist at the beginning of his story, this unsurprisingly broken remaster awaits the player. Unlike earlier parts of the “Enhanced” trilogy, San Andreas doesn’t suffer from frequent game crashes and scary FPS crashes (they’re still there, but a little less scary). The technical stability offers the possibility to enjoy various “graphic delicacies” to the fullest. Most of the characters in the game look completely terrible and are completely different from the original. The animation doesn’t match the models and the lip-synchronicity is often desynchronized in the cutscenes. Like other titles in the remastered trilogy, the game suffers from an extreme problem with the effects of rain and the general darkness of the picture. Cities have lost their atmosphere by switching to pure graphics and the increasing overview shows the limits of the original technology (to see the entire state including all cities from the tall building is just strange). Loading objects is also a problem, and sometimes you drive over invisible bridges or see the details of the environment change right before your eyes. In contrast to GTA3, the original diamond is still hiding under the guise of technical maraston, and those who can overlook these problems can look forward to a playable and systemically great game.


We like

  • story
  • huge play area
  • Game mechanics
  • zertrampelter Soundtrack

It bothers us

  • Appearance and animation of the characters
  • Loss of the atmosphere of the original game
  • Technical problems

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