Not even a year of secret preparations was enough for her to advance at StarDance – – Nach Welt

TV viewers sent tennis player Andrea Sestini Hlaváčková (35) from StarDance home on Saturday. To an ambitious lady, it’s an even bigger surprise that victory has subordinated absolutely everything for more than a year.

Andrea Sestini Hlavackova: Vyhazov trotz des Lobes

Tennis player Andrea Sestini Hlavackova it shone in the last round, and the jury praised it very much. “You were great today, great and wonderful”, he said, for example, briefly and clearly Juror Jan Tomanekwho gave the couple ten points.

But the audience voted the least for her, so she had to go. Few could be as sad as Andrea.

One year of secret training

Where figured it out At least 17 months ago, she began to prepare intensively for the competition. She has taken many dance lessons and, according to sources, had to drop them off shortly before the official one Star dance.

It’s probably not against the rules of the competition, but if the audience knew that someone had been working hard on the dance for a year, that might be reflected in their vote.

“She studied at by the coveted Marek Dědík. At StarDance he practically already has inventory, he knows what and how. And he can teach. She went to him for about a year. “ stated three independent sources for

Marek Dědík: Confession

“When StarDance preparations began, he walked into production fairly and said she was preparing for him. Then he got another dance partner. “ they continue to claim our reliable sources.

After all, the dancer herself, who also takes part in the competition, does not deny working with her.

Andrea Sestini and I trained for a while before the competition, but ask her for details, it doesn’t belong to me, ”said Marek Dědík.

It’s interesting that they were visible on his and Andreas Instagram profile shared photos of trainings. But before StarDance began, Hlaváčková put them out. That someone behind it could “smooth the tracks”?

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