Sunday, November 28

“I’ve never seen what I saw at Camp Nou on Saturday” – Nach Welt

The pressure is high FC BarcelonaNevertheless, Xavi is calm about the game against Benfica in the Champions League. The Catalans lost their first game and Xavi hopes it will be different now.

After four games, Barcelona are still unsure about the next round. In fact, in the event of a loss, Xavi’s team is third. “Of course I see opportunities, but I don’t feel any pressure. We are Barca and we strive for it. I like challenges like this. Barca are unable to show off but we have reason to be optimistic. We win, we qualify. We have to play bravely and move on, ”Xavi said at the press conference.

Xavi sat on the bench for the first time on Saturday at Barcelona, ​​who faced Espanyol in front of their own audience. The Spaniard was received with cheers. “What I saw at Camp Nou on Saturday I have never seen in my life. It was spectacular. “

“We need our fans again on Tuesday. The atmosphere at Barca should give people goose bumps. “


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