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How to unlock the chamber in Valorant – Post World


Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Following its release last year, Valorant has had great success with its first person shooter game. And now it’s in his third and final act of episode 3: reflection.

In the most recent phase of the game, a new agent was supposed to accompany the plot, but was released with the Notes Update for Patch 3.10 due to problems in development. And now the new Agent Chamber has been released to the public and can be unlocked immediately. But many are wondering how you can actually activate the chamber contract?

How to unlock the chamber in Valorant can be completed by reaching level 5 of his agent contract. The Chamber’s commercial agency agreement is as follows:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

The overalls are beyond his capabilities and his contract The character’s backstory is unknownas many players try to come up with theories about his influence on the game as this French king makes people guess who he really is. But fans will just have to wait for Riot to slowly reveal this information in due course.

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