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The audience of those who focus on the Super green passport and at 6 p.m. this afternoon, governors and members of the executive branch will begin sketching the shape of the new green certificate. “We need action as soon as possible,” says Massimiliano, President of the Conference of Regions federriga.. The meeting of the regions and the government will be followed by a series of technical reviews, then the control room and the Council of Ministers, perhaps on Thursday, July 25th.

The investigated measures

Some measures could be adopted, such as reducing the validity of the Green Passport to 9 months and requiring the third dose for health professionals and staff rsa. At the same time, it cannot be ruled out that Palazzo Chigi will decide to postpone everything until next week and launch a single package. One thing is certain, however: the tightening against unvaccinated people mentioned above does not apply to public authorities or local public transport, as the Ministry of Infrastructure itself confirms.

Highness of the trade unions

The idea was also canceled by the unions, according to which it would not be possible without ad hoc personnel controls. “If you think about letting the drivers check the Green Pass, you are completely out of the way – they say. We would have to hire staff ». But the tightening seems inevitable. “The alternative – says Foreign Minister Luigi almost in unison Di Maio, and the President of the Conference of the Regions, Massimiliano Fedriga – concludes ”, with the consequent severe impact on Christmas. Indeed, it is no coincidence that more than 1 in 10 Italians – according to Coldiretti’s estimates – have chosen to buy gifts to put under the tree.

Pressure on the vaccine front

In the meantime, the audience of the vaccinated will be expanded as much as possible by the pressing: From today, the administration of the third dose for those over 40 will be officially opened, 10 days earlier than originally planned.
A clear desire to accelerate to ensure full coverage against the virus is restored to a large part of the population. The application of mandatory vaccination for everyone has now been ruled out – a measure that neither Palazzo Chigi nor a large part of the governors convinced – but there is a maximum justification for an obligation extended to certain categories on the table of the upcoming meeting between Draghi, Gelmini, and Speranza the governors there are especially the new measures for the so-called “super green pass”.

The Risk of “Closing All”

As is well known, the intention is to No vax Access to social services such as cinemas, theaters or restaurants when the color of the regions changes. A prospect that is not on the horizon right now, but could nonetheless arise, and even soon, if it is true – as experts say – that the fourth wave will triple cases from 10,000 today to 30,000.
The Super Green Pass is therefore a decision that, explains Fedriga, on the one hand “will convince even the last undecided” and, on the other hand, “gives companies certainty about which we cannot say anything” let’s see in which area you are and whether Do you keep it open or not “”. “If we do not intervene – he points out – the result is that if a region gets into the orange or red zone, it will be closed regardless of all.”
Foreign Minister Di Maio’s concept affirmed: “The alternative to the Green Passport and vaccines is to close everything, and we can neither afford nor want to do that.”

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