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Excessive consumption of vitamin E supplements triggers prostate cancer – archyde

Excess vitamin E supplements also increase the risk of aggressive cancer.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Studies show that certain dietary supplements have side effects that are harmful to the body. These side effects can lead to a person developing cancer.

Reported by Daily record, on Monday (November 22nd), research published in Journal of the National Cancer Institute shows that some popular vitamins and minerals can cause disease.

“In particular, it was found that selenium and vitamin E can increase the likelihood of Prostate cancer a high rate of up to 91 percent. Men who use this supplement should stop. Neither selenium nor vitamin E supplements brought any benefit, the only known risk was, ”said Alan Kristal, scientist of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.

He said that people are often misled into believing that dietary supplements are beneficial in order for people to consume them continuously. In his opinion, this is not the case. Several other studies have shown that some high-dose supplements, namely supplements that provide far more than the recommended daily intake of micronutrients, can increase the risk of cancer.

“We found that out in a randomized, double-blind, controlled study for folate and beta-carotene. Now we know it’s vitamin E and selenium, ”he said.

Specifically, research has shown that selenium and vitamin E can increase your risk of high-grade prostate cancer by up to 91 percent. The researchers had to stop the experiment after discovering the negative effects of high doses of selenium. Additionally, researchers believe that some diet supplements offer no benefit.

During the study, the researchers also found that vitamin E can be harmful, particularly vitamin E, which can increase the risk of aggressive cancer. The study was conducted on more than 35,000 men to evaluate the anti-cancer effects of the dietary supplement.

The results show that selenium poses no risk to those who are deficient in selenium. However, when consumed in people with already high levels, the risk of high-grade cancer rises to 91 percent. The researchers also found that people with high selenium levels at the start of the study who took vitamin E supplements had a 69 percent increased risk of prostate cancer and a 111 percent increased risk of high-grade cancer.


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