Doda’s parents fell in love at first sight. There were problems too. “He said the best when he confessed to treason.” – To world

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parents She will add, Wanda I Paul The Rabczewskis are not public figures, but the singer likes to share photos and recordings of which they are heroes on social media. Those interested themselves often appeared next to the singer at media events. Years ago, Doda’s mother gave several interviews in which she talked not only about her daughter’s childhood, but also about health problems or marital problems.

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Touched, Doda shows a unique gift that she received from her parents

A love like in a fairy tale

Wanda Rabczewska and Paweł Rabczewski are today a harmonious and happy marriage. However, not everyone knows that before Wanda Rabczewska was on the carpet, she was in a different relationship, the fruit of which is a son Rafa. However, in the 1980s she met a handsome weightlifter, later world and European champion, and they fell in love with no memory.

He walked into my house, handsome, well muscled. We hugged without words. Love at first sight. Maybe that’s why our house was full of love – Wanda Rabczewska recalled in an interview with the portal.

Wanda and Paweł Rabczewski [email protected]

A daughter like the apple of her parents’ eye

In 1984 the couple had a daughter, Dorota. Wanda Rabczewska admitted in one of the interviews that her daughter became the whole world for her.

When our daughter came into the world, we were mature people. We were intoxicated with the role of parents. We’d rather spend our time with her than go to the party. We didn’t go to the first ball until we were seven because she performed there.

There were also certain rules in the Rabczewski house.

The first: a child must not be criticized. Never. You must always be praised. Build his self-esteem. Dorothy had crooked teeth and she wore braces. I told her, “You will be a beautiful woman.” Every day I repeated: “I love you most in the world” – we read on

Paweł Rabczewski with his daughterPaweł Rabczewski with his daughter Foto Doda / Facebook

Proud parents have always supported their daughter. The singer’s father for a long time thought that Dorota would make a career in sports. He trained with her. At the same time, the teenager Rabczewska completed a vocal training and performed at the Buffo Theater. At the age of 13 she moved to Warsaw herself.

I was very afraid for Dorothy. But I had to choose between my selfishness and her career. I could keep them in Ciechanów. But what would happen to her here? So I spent a fortune on phones. I called Michał Milowicz or someone else from the theater. I asked him to take her to boarding school. I spent hours in the corridor in Buffo. I waited for Dorotka to finish the performance. I’ve seen “Metro” 150 times – she said in “Vivie!”.

Wanda and Paweł RabczewskiWanda and Paweł Rabczewski Foot. dodaqueen / Instagram

Mom of Zensur

She will add She also admitted that her mother sometimes censored her statements. She mentioned it when an interview appeared on Newsweek that she gave after the verdict convicting her of violating religious feelings.

My mom decided to change the rather sharp interview I gave. I laughed at the kiosk on Monday! Wanda sweeps, attention: she changed my “f *** ing out” to… “GIVE UP DORM”. Sweet Mamunia – she then wrote on Facebook.

Doda with her parentsDoda with her parents Foot. CAPE

Wanda and Paweł Rabczewski also supported their daughter and appeared with her on television.

Doda with her parentsDoda with her parents Foot. CAPE

Marital problems

Years ago the media reported that Paweł Rabczewski cheated on his wife. Wanda Rabczewska in a loud interview for “Viva!” admitted that she forgave her husband.

I forgave 15 years ago when I found out about this betrayal. Besides, it’s really a private matter. But I had no idea about the child, and neither did my husband. It was only after 14 years when this woman divorced and took a DNA test that we found out that my husband had an illegitimate daughter. But the husband did not fight, he did not deny, he performed his duties, he paid alimony. It wouldn’t be his way to deny that he himself was the culprit. But we felt like it was just one thing between us. In any case, we’ve seen it enough. The whole family – she confessed.

Doda with her parentsKAPIF.PL/KAPIF

Confessions of love

Wanda Rabczewska was also happy that words like “I love you” are often spoken in her home country.

And my husband confesses his love to me every day. And he said it most beautifully when he confessed to treason. Words have been said that I cannot speak of without tears. You made me forgive him – we read “Viva!” In the archive interview.

She attended the kindergarten she attended.  Wanda and Paweł Rabczewscy accompanied them when they met the youngest fansShe attended the kindergarten she attended. Wanda and Paweł Rabczewscy accompanied them when they met the youngest fans Kapif

Doda also makes no secret of the fact that he often tells his parents how much he loves them.

Doda with her mother.Doda with her mother. Kapif

Health problems

The Rabczewskis also experienced difficult times when the doctor diagnosed Wanda Rabczewska with cancer. The woman informed her daughter about the disease by email.

Before that we had a little break. So my mother wrote, “Okay, let’s stop arguing! Anyway, I just got back from the doctor and it turned out that I have cancer. ” I felt like someone hit me on the head with something – the singer recalled.

Doda with her parentsDoda with her parents Kapif

In addition to helping her mother, Doda found a specialist to perform the treatment and surgery.

Our daughter was just with us, helping us find the best doctors, supporting us with her knowledge and finances. She visited me in the hospital every day, sometimes she would sit next to me on the floor, on a blanket. It was the same with the husband. In order to support him, she even suspended her concerts – said Wanda Rabczewska in an interview with the “Party”.

Doda with her parentsDoda with her parents

Paweł Rabczewski was also with his wife.

Papa tirelessly sent Mama cards. He drew a heart pierced by an arrow, from which three drops of blood dripped and a puddle at the bottom. And the caption: “Your husband Paweł” – we read in “Vivie!”.

Fortunately, Wanda Rabczewska got over cancer.

Doda with her parentsDoda with her parents

Doda is very supportive of the parents. He makes sure that nothing escapes them.

I remember that moment. Dorota was a teenager at the time and for the first money she earned, she repaid this loan to free us from annoying installments – said Wanda Rabczewska in an interview for “Party”.

Doda with her parentsDoda with her parents Instagram / @dodaqueen

We wish the spouses many happy years by their side.

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