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Covid-19: Brian Tamaki visits the Auckland police station after a protest speech – archyde

Brian Tamaki announced that he and his wife Hannah will appear at a police station in Auckland on Tuesday morning.

On Saturday, the church leader spoke on a “National Day of Compassion” Rally in the Auckland Domain, which mobilizes against vaccine mandates.

Have previous demonstrations in the domain led to charges against the alleged organizers, including Tamaki.

Tamaki’s bail conditions include not attending or organizing protests and accessing the Internet for the purpose of organizing or inciting non-compliance with the requirements of the Covid-19 level.

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Protesters gathered at the Auckland Domain over the weekend to protest vaccine mandates.


Protesters gathered at the Auckland Domain over the weekend to protest vaccine mandates.

On Tuesday, the Freedom & Rights Coalition issued a statement saying Tamaki would speak to the media outside the police station with a statement from his attorney.

“By the way, we are not organizing a protest tomorrow. We leave this in your hands, the people, ”the statement said.

“But if you go we recommend that you take your pots and pans with you. Take everything you have with you to make as much noise as possible in front of the police station tomorrow until they let the Tamakis go! “

In a live stream on Monday evening, Tamaki promoted his view that his God was more powerful than the state and announced that he had been summoned to the Auckland Central Police Station.

He also invited his followers to the station.

“Why don’t we show up tomorrow and release Auckland?” He said.

The video has been viewed more than 8,000 times.


Confirmation Bias: a hardwired part of human psychology that can make us particularly vulnerable to online misinformation and disinformation.

The police and Tamaki’s attorney Ron Mansfield, QC, have been asked for comment.

Activists gathered under the banner of the Freedom & Rights Coalition, a Tamakis-backed group, over the weekend.

After Tamaki’s surprising appearance at the protest rally, a police spokeswoman did not want to rule out further charges.

“The police will follow up and see if there are any violations.”

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