An Apple autonomous electric car could be sold in just 4 years – archyde

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As the automotive industry changes, so too do car manufacturers. Instead of internal combustion engines, electric motors are being used and more and more companies are letting their own cars in. And also those that were previously completely outside the automotive industry – such as Apple. His car could hit the market in 2025.

Apple is an American giant primarily engaged in computers, cell phones, tablets, smartwatches, and similar technologies. However, he wants to expand his portfolio even further – with his own car. It should also be an autonomous electric car.

In general, the development of a car is complicated, which also applies to technically simpler electric cars. It’s not an easy thing that Apple has seen countless times. More than once, the American giant was forced to rethink its development strategy, which extended it. However, according to Bloomberg, it looks like American society should be doing very well right now.

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Bloomberg claims that until recently Apple was ready to provide the automotive world with “only” a self-driving platform that automakers can take over and implement in their cars. In the end, Apple should really develop the entire autonomous car. It should come on the market in 2025, initially only in America – also due to the legislation.

Autonomous driving requires many sensors, lidars, radars and similar technical components, all of which are managed by control units and chips. But there is so much data and information that the system is getting too hot, which Apple has to solve first. According to the information available, the “Apple car” should not have a steering wheel or pedals at all. The interior should be designed so that the car can be driven without the use of hands.

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