Sunday, November 28

A driver was locked up – nach Welt

Serious accident with 3 cars occurred on Monday morning on DN 76 in Bihor in the area of ​​Bihor Hidișelu de Jos. Two people were injured, one of whom was sent to jail.

According to Bihor Police Spokeswoman Chief Superintendent Alina Fărcuța, 3 cars were involved in the event and one of the drivers was arrested.

The call to the emergency number 112 came at 7:58 a.m. and traffic was closed in both directions for several dozen minutes.

In the area, queues of cars formed, as the pictures published on social networks show.

Traffic resumed around 8:40 a.m., according to the Bihor Police spokesman, and at the time of this news release, one-way traffic is circulating.

Photo: Facebook / BIHOR & ORADEA TRAFFIC INFO Group / Valentin Pantea

UPDATE, 8.57 a.m.: Two victims in the hospital

According to the representatives of the Crișana – Bihor emergency supervisory authority, the accident left two victims.

One of them is on the medical green code meaning the injuries were not life threatening, and the other – the imprisoned driver – is on the medical yellow code meaning the injuries are more severe.

Both people were taken to hospital for medical treatment and further examinations.

A heavy truck, another fire engine, an intensive care unit from SMURD Oradea, but also a truck from the Bihor County Ambulance Service were mobilized on site.

The circumstances of the accident have not yet been clarified, the police are investigating on site.

Pictures in Facebook groups show that the three cars are badly damaged.

Two of them collided head-on, a third overturned in the ditch.

Photo: Facebook / INFO VERKEHRSgruppe Kreis BIHOR / Ciprian Bogdan Ferariu

We will come back in detail when they are available.

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