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On Saturday, Finance Avenue, De Tijd and Debelger’s big money exchange, took place in Brussels. You have received tips for your investments, your real estate at home and abroad, your retirement provisions and your estate.

Finance Avenue traditionally started with the debate among chief economists. Koen De Leus (BNP Paribas Fortis), Hans Dewachter (KBC) and Hans Bevers (Degroof Petercam) exchanged views on the global economy and the consequences for your investment portfolio in front of a crowded and masked hall.

One of the topics discussed was of course that high inflation. The big question is whether this surge in inflation is temporary or will last longer.

Pension Minister Karine Lalieux (PS) came to explain her pension reform. Among other things, she advocated upgrading part-time jobs so that more women should be able to use them solidere Rente receive. At the same time, Lalieux wants to keep more people in work, including through a pension bonus for those who have worked for more than 42 years and the part-time pension system.

Rental income

According to Finance Minister Vincent Van Peteghem, we shouldn’t shy away from taboos if we want to move towards a fairer and more neutral tax system.

With Finance Minister Vincent Van Peteghem (CD&V), a second minister took part in our money exchange this year, which took place on the Tour & Taxis site in Brussels. Van Peteghem advocated fairer and more neutral taxation. In doing so, however, he would like to Don’t be afraid of taboos, such as the Tax rental income.

And that brings us to the subject of real estate. Notary Bart van Opstal and real estate specialist Frédéric Vandenhende (Investr) left in a debate about the development of the real estate market and their impact on investor returns. The duo doesn’t see prices fall immediately. Vandenhende also advocated lower registration fees for those who rent socially.

A topic that cannot be missed: invest sustainably. Top people from water recycling company Ekopak and plantation holding Sipef explained how ESG is a common thread through their business.

Another classic: pouring. Lawyer Mark Delboo and notary Joni Soutaer entertained the audience with a debate Donation techniques. Because it is not because you are giving something away that you can no longer control the gift.

Stock tips

The closing services were the stock specialists Gert Bakelants (editor-in-chief of Debelger), Tom Simonts (senior economist KBC), Gert De Mesure (independent analyst) and Erik Joly (chief economist and strategist ABN Amro). They gave their tips Favorite stocks.

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