Sunday, November 28

RTE’s Ryan Tubridy shares a picture as he relaxes after the Late Late Show – UK, International

Ryan Tubridy from RTE shared a snap as he relaxes after an emotional Late Late Show.

The host enjoyed the sunny times out for a walk as he took a well-deserved break before next week’s much-anticipated Late Late Toy Show.

Ryan wrote about the snapshot: “Blow the cobwebs away for a new beginning of the Toy Show week …”

The Toy Show will be streamed live this Friday as children from across the country take part in the studio and from their couches at home.

The theme of this year’s show has been well guarded as the producers have not yet announced what will hit the market this time.

Ryan Tubridy teilt Snap

However, the Late Late Toy Show is sure to bring the Christmas cheer with some memorable moments from the kids participating.

Ryan took some time to prepare for the busy week following Friday’s eventful Late Late Show.

The conversation with cervical activist Vicky Phelan about her health problems and the discussion about how long she and the presenter left viewers at home were moved by Vicky’s courage and determination.

She said to Ryan, “Four weeks ago I didn’t think I’d see Christmas. It’s that real to me now … I spoke to my oncologist when I decided not to do any more chemotherapy. “I mean, I think he was hoping I would do a few more sessions and I just said.” , no, I am not doing this to my children, I am not doing this to myself.

“You know, at this stage, you know, I’ve been fighting this deadly part of the disease since 2018. This is my fourth line of treatment. Most people don’t reach four lines of treatment. You could get three lines of treatment. ” , but when you get to four lines of treatment it means I’ll try something different for the fourth time.

“There is nothing they can do for you, you know. I just thought, no, I don’t, I can’t do this anymore.”

Vicky said she was staying on Pembro in the hopes that she could celebrate Christmas with her children.


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