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As you can imagine, the establishment’s favorite media hacks were in a flurry on Friday night after it was revealed that kenosha teenager Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all charges, including double homicide, after shooting three men during fiery rioting had last year.

CNNs Chris Cuomo was certainly one of them, determined to continue portraying the young man as the ruthless, irresponsible perpetrator of a crime for which he was acquitted solely on the basis of his skin color and Wisconsin’s laws that protect the right to self-defense.

So getting him an interview was probably not a good idea for his producers Rittenhouse attorney Mark Richards.

While Cuomo clearly wanted to make his politicized grievances about the case, it may have been a poor choice while speaking to one of the men who were just successfully arguing that Rittenhouse was innocent.

Cuomo started the segment by disputing the defense’s decision to bring Rittenhouse on the stand to tell his side of the story, and then began to urge him on whether or not the teen regretted going to Kenosha on the fateful evening of August 25, 2020.


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“100 times,” replied Richards, explaining that Rittenhouse would have told him that he would never have gone to see him if he had known what was going to happen Kenosha.

Much talked about Rittenhouse’s presence in Kenosha that evening since he lived in Illinois, but less attention was paid to Cuomo and his media cohorts that the teen, as Richards would further explain, family and friends there, worked in Kenosha – a brief one twenty minutes drive from home – and was asked that evening to protect a car dealership from damage.

Richards spoke to Kyle’s story as a police and fire brigade cadet, pointing out that earlier that day he had removed graffiti in Kenosha.

“He didn’t mean to kill anyone,” said the attorney, “and he had a terrible choice and made that choice that was found to be lawful.”

Richards also stated that Kyle had helped before filming Provide first aid and went around to help people.

When Cuomo urged him to see if Rittenhouse had considered “doing something else” other than firing his gun. It’s a classic Anti-weapon Argument: Instead of using weapons, armed citizens should simply let go of their inner Jet Li on their attackers.

Richards went on to explain that when the teenager first met Rittenhouse, Rosenbaum described the first man he shot as six feet tall and about 250 pounds, which turned out to be larger than life.

This speaks to Rittenhouse’s state of mind as he was chased down the street by the bellicose Rosenbaum who, as Richards noted, literally challenged the teenager to pull the trigger.

Rosenbaum war was discharged from hospital earlier in the day after a suicide attempt and was reportedly not taking any medication for bipolar disorder. It was known during the trial that he had acted aggressively and, as of one of the State witnessesHe dared to shoot other armed citizens that evening.


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To Rittenhouse, that insane full-grown man chasing him down the street was a threat, and it is absurd to claim that he could have used less violent means to defend himself against that threat.

As Richards explained, Rosenbaum “could have stopped anytime and none of this would have happened” and that we should probably consider his judgment as he chased Rittenhouse and yelled, “You won’t do any shit, m * **** F **** *. ”

“He thought Kyle didn’t have the guts to do it, he was wrong and paid with his life,” said Richards.

Here Cuomo interjected to offer his own absurd attitude.

“Well, I don’t know if it was courage, I think it’s poor judgment,” he said, admitting anyway that it was justified according to the law.

“It’s hard to believe that someone who chases you will beat you to death,” he continued. Sorry what? Exactly why is it hard to believe that someone who is stalking you is ready to beat you to a pulp regardless of your life?

Richards silenced him in one fell swoop.

“Why else was he chasing him, Chris?” He said flatly.


Cuomo paused to say that Rosenbaum was just “beating up” him and quickly turned to Wisconsin Self defense Law himself, after exhausting the possibility of Rittenhouse being given any other option by the violent rioter who pursued him and threatened to shoot him.

Just as much left has answered to the Rittenhouse ruling, to sway back and forth trying to find something – anything – to get every possible left-hand discussion point out of the case, the merits of which completely belies the reality they are trying to create.

Did the media lie in the Rittenhouse case?

Yes: 92% (12 votes)

No: 8% (1 votes)

Cuomo’s attitude is absurd, from his suspicion that Rittenhouse could have done something other than fire his gun, and Rosenbaum couldn’t have done it killed him by beating him up.

So he was supposed to defend his life with his fists, but Rosenbaum’s fists couldn’t possibly pose a deadly threat?

What a joke.

Cuomo really should have been more careful. You just can’t just hunt down armed citizens, get them to shoot you and get on you. And it is absurd to claim that everyone has a responsibility to lay down their arms and bring them to the mat when advanced.

It’s all very interesting that Cuomo is so determined to portray Rittenhouse as the culprit, even though we all know Cuomo worked with his now disgraced brother, the former governor of New York Andrew Cuomowhen he was accused of sexual harassment by several women.

Not only could Cuomo argue in defense of his big brother, but he helped with the tinkering his first reaction. And he’s still on the air, providing leading commentary on both politics and, as in the case of Rittenhouse, simple cases of self-defense that are politicized to be used as rhetorical fodder. Liberals continue to try to create the outrageous narrative for the unsuspecting masses who don’t bother to check the facts for themselves.

The media will likely pay hard for what they said and did about Kyle Rittenhouse. Maybe they want to hold back and stop slandering him while they can.

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