Passenger injured after falling rocks through MRI train window – archyde

A boulder hit an MRT-3 train as it was traveling from Taft Avenue Station to Magallanes Station on November 21, 2021, injuring a passenger. Photo courtesy of Transport Minister Art Tugade’s Facebook post.

MANILA – A male passenger was injured in Pasay City early Sunday after a stone struck through a window on an MRT-3 train, officials said.

In a statement, MRT-3 management said the incident occurred at 6:51 a.m. at Taft Avenue Station

“The stone hit a window on the third car on the MRT-3 train and was damaged. A 51-year-old male passenger was also injured in the incident, ”it said.

Management said the injured passenger provided first aid at Magallanes train station and taken to San Juan De Dios Hospital for further medical care.

A scavenger who reportedly threw the stone was arrested at a construction site along Taft Avenue, MRT-3 management said, saying the investigation is still ongoing.

Transport Minister Art Tugade posted about the incident on his Facebook page, suggesting that the culprit behind the incident should be detained.

MRT-3 management assured the public that legal action would be taken against the suspect and “necessary steps” would be taken to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

The incident was not the first crime to occur that year on MRT-3, one of Metro Manila’s main rail lines that runs from Quezon City to Pasay.

In May, vandals defaced an MRT-3 train that was idling between Magallanes and Taft Avenue stations while it waited for another train in front of it.



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