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“Please help us paramedics. We have been living in constant stress and tension for a year and a half. Many of you were at home, cleaning apartments and houses, and spending time with families and children. We were at work. You worked from home, we walked around the hospital beds. “They learned with the children, our children waited until we got home in the evening,” the letter says.

The nurses describe the course of the pandemic in the hospitals, the experience in caring for disabled patients, the fear of the pandemic-related Christmas at work. “We have enough. We are professionals, seasoned health experts, but we are not religious, we have our lives too. And that doesn’t include 25 twelve-hour shifts a month, ”the letter said.

The nurses warn that they are vaccinating for health and a normal life. “We expect you to be healthy so you don’t need hospital support. Have you seen how hard patients die with Covid? When choosing a career, why did the idea arise that we have to manage all of this? We are used to the sick, we are used to dying, we are ready for a lot of work, but there can be situations where it is just not manageable. We also have our limits, our limits of strength – both physically and mentally, ”the letter said.

The nurses point out that there wasn’t enough vaccine in the spring, but now they almost have to beg for people to come for the vaccine. “By being vaccine-resistant, you are only helping to spread the Covid and its mutations,” write nurses and ask those who do not trust them to come and help. “Somebody has to bring the patient a bowl, wash it or help him when he can no longer help. Yes, that is also work in hospitals and there is no need for excessive medical training, we all like to train you on a voluntary basis, ”says the letter signed by the head nurses of the state hospital.


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